June 17: Leadership Approaches to Change

It is the nature of change, not the change event itself, which creates resistance.  In order to not only move forward but also assist others to feel inspired by changes, we must ensure we stand on a foundation of trust.  Staying true to organizational values during times of change distinguishes a strong leader from the pack.  

This requires recognition of the:

  • Way we make decisions about cultural shifts; 
  • Manner in which others prefer to respond to change; and, 
  • Support systems and barriers which may exist for those involved.

This course builds upon the Change Style Indicator assessment, which participants complete online prior to the program.  The review does not require revealing individual results, but can include a composite, to indicate the spectrum of preferences and increase the ability of participants to provide one another with the support they require.

Participants of this session will: 

  • Identify their decision making style when faced with change;
  • Gain insight on how to rely on core values while adjusting to cultural shifts; and, 
  • Review different aspects of the way they perceive themselves and the transition process.

The course instructor is Rebekah Apple, MA, whose full bio is available here

NOTE: This session is not the same as the February 6th Physician Leadership in a Culture of Trust.  The June 17th session on change addresses effective strategies to deal with/lead change, particularly when working with others who do NOT approach change in the same way you do.  We'll identify several approaches, explore the strengths associated with each approach, and have several breakout sessions.  The last session (February 6th) was focused on leadership competencies, but this is much more specific.  Certainly some of the competencies we discussed play a role, but consider the change course a "drill down.


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