Measurement and Data


Data collection and analytic perspective

In the second year of the VHCIP grant cycle, the Collaborative is planning a major enhancement in analytics, moving from working on individual data files and understanding variable definitions at an in individual hospital level to an integrated data model across organizations. We anticipate that this new model will make inter-hospital variable definitions and data comparisons much more efficient and effective.  

Our work to date has brought previously identified data issues, such as varying definitions across hospitals of common terms (i.e. date of admission), into sharper focus.  In addition, we are also encountering typical multi-source data issues such as inconsistent variable formats.  

Once we finalize our approach to data-checking, inter-hospital data definitions and data integration we hope to address many of the data related obstacles we’ve faced in Year 1 and establish an effective relational database poised for powerful queries, analytic and reporting functions of lab testing in the region; and a pilot for other multi-hospital quality improvement projects.


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