Collaborative Expectations & Readiness

Team Expectations

  • Senior Leadership Support
  • Create an Improvement/Change Team
  • Create Specific Aim Statement
  • Collect Baseline Data/Understand availability of data and location
  • Brainstorm Change Ideas
  • Test change ideas and track data
  • Attend All Learning Sessions and Webinars
  • Share Your Successes & Challenges

Expectations of Faculty

Faculty Will:

  • Provide training and guidance during Webinars and Learning Sessions
  • Provide onsite as well as phone and email coaching/support as needed by each team
  • Provide an open and constructive learning environment
  • Provide prompt responses for questions. Please contact Cy Jordan, Randy Messier or Bonnie Walker

Forming Your Team

Tips for Success:

  • Interdisciplinary
  • Strengths & weaknesses
  • Availability & willingness
  • Commitment


  • Clinical Champion
  • Day-to-Day Leader

Possible Team Members: 4-7

  • Lab Manager
  • Unit/Floor Manager
  • Hospitalist, RN’s, LPN’s, MT’s, MLT’s
  • Administrative Staff, Unit clerks
  • Lab Receiving staff    
  • Information Specialist, IT
  • Community Member
  • Patient
  • Phlebotomy

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