VMS Foundation awarded physician leadership grant

The Vermont Medical Society Education and Research Foundation has been awarded a $150,000 grant from The Physicians Foundation to help Vermont physicians develop the leadership skills needed to navigate Vermont’s political environment and successfully influence health care policy.

The grant project, titled Pursuing High Value Care for Vermonters, will augment five existing physician leadership initiatives taking place in the state, all of which target policy changes needed to support continual improvement in patient care and maintain an attractive medical practice ecology in Vermont.

The five initiatives are: 

  • The Vermont Academy of Family Physicians’ pursuit of a new payment mechanism for caring for Frail Elders;
  • The Vermont Chapter of the American College of Surgeons’ proposal for a state-wide surgical resource allocation plan;
  • The Vermont Region Hospitalist Community’s pursuit of CMS waivers to reimbursement rules pertaining to inter-facility transfers and patient eligibility for skilled nursing facility beds;
  • The Vermont Region Hospitalist Community’s effort to decrease unnecessary labs and needle sticks in hospitals; and, 
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics Vermont Chapter’s mission to have the state direct adequate health reform resources towards child and family health care.

“This grant really builds on the success of two previous Physicians Foundation grants that the Foundation received in recent years,” said Cy Jordan, M.D., director of the Foundation and the grant’s principal investigator.  “Four of the initiatives that this new grant supports got off the ground because of previous Physicians Foundation support, while the pediatricians’ project was inspired by the other initiatives’ success.”

Grant funds will support both individualized leadership development for up to two key physicians in each activity as well as three statewide conferences addressing leadership needs shared across all five activities.  Leadership assessments and curriculae will be developed in partnership with a nationally recognized academic partner. 

“This is an important initiative to help Vermont physicians cultivate valuable leadership skills,” said Alan Plummer, M.D., Physicians Foundation Vice President and chairman of the Grants committee. “We are pleased to fund and support the Pursuing High Value Care for Vermonters physician leadership initiative and the great work that will result from this grant.”

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