Foundation Presents Rural Care Whitepaper to GMCB

The VMS Foundation presented a whitepaper to the Green Mountain Care Board today (12/12/13) that made specific recommendations for optimizing rural care in Vermont. 

The whitepaper, including executive summary, is available here.  A PowerPoint delivered to the GMCB is available here.   

The Foundation developed the whitepaper through detailed interviews with 22 Vermont clinicians who practice in the rural settings in eastern central Vermont.  A number of those providers joined primary author, Foundation director Cy Jordan, M.D., in presenting the whitepaper’s findings and recommendations to the Board.

The seven recommendations made by the whitepaper are: 

  1. Center the care system on patient needs;
  2. Design three levels of care;
  3. Coordinate clinical services; 
  4. Dovetail clinical and social services; 
  5. Measure meaningful and actionable metrics;
  6. Anticipate the workforce; and, 
  7. Partner with those clinicians at the leading edge of care.

The whitepaper is the second in a series of two whitepaper the Board asked the Foundation to prepare as a way to receive qualitative research aimed at eliciting physician opinion on topics relevant to the Board’s activities, including health resource planning, the measurement of health care outcomes, and payment reform.  The first whitepaper, addressing the topic of optimizing hospital-based care in Vermont, was presented to the board last week. 

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