Foundation hosts Physician Leadership conference

The Vermont Medical Society Foundation hosted a physician leadership conference February 6th that aimed to help Vermont’s physicians sponsor and lead change. The one-day course was sponsored in part by a generous contribution from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont. 

Titled “Physician Leadership Development within a Culture of Trust,” the course will took place at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Montpelier.

The goals for the day were: 1) assess the needs of physicians who want to lead change; and 2) create a strategy for the development and support of these leaders.

The course was a key step toward developing: 1) a physician leadership network whose voice is listened to at the health care reform table; and 2) a plan for supporting that voice by how health care is financed.

At the conclusion of this course, physicians interested in leading change:

  • Understood how their approach is perceived by others;
  • Had clarity regarding their leadership strengths and developmental opportunities;
  • Grasped how to cultivate a culture of trust based upon behavior within their practice, within the organization they work for, within their communities and across the state; 
  • Were familiar with a critical thinking decision-making process that fosters commitment to organizational mission and vision.

The course was taught by the American Association of Physician Leadership (more information at, and built upon the results of an assessment specifically designed for physician leaders, reviewing the characteristics, motivations and thinking styles of participating Vermont physicians.  Elucidating the way Vermont physicians can effectively approach the management of themselves and others, the course provided a detailed view of strengths and developmental opportunities while setting a foundation for goal maximization within a culture of trust within the Vermont healthcare workforce.

Prior to the course, participants responded to an online assessment, which offered reliability and validity with a normative sample of 6,000 senior executives.  This tool spoke to unique competencies required for physicians, incorporating concepts such as evidence-based practice and the tendency to weigh risk vs. benefit.

The principal funding for this event was a grant from the Physicians Foundation.  

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